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Introduction to KiXtart

  Welcome to KiXtart HelpDesk

Working as a System Administrator in a large Danish company, I use KiXtart for logon scripts and various other tasks.

I have always been missing a good on-line manual and a collection of sample scripts to cut-and-paste from. Searching the Internet for KiXtart only returned a few sites. It seemed that KiXtart scripts were hard to come by. Why?

So back in the year 2000 I decided to make this WebSite. First I had my way with the manual, then adding the Forum and some sample scripts.

Well, I hope you will help me - and other SysAdmins - by submitting your scripts.

I will also like to thank Henri for hosting this WebSite and all you people who visit KiXtart HelpDesk.
Btw, this WebSite is best viewed with MS IE4+ and 1024x768.

What is KiXtart?

KiXtart was started as a spare-time project in 1991 in response to the many requests for logon scripting for the Microsoft LAN Manager environment. KiXtart’s simplicity, speed and lack of competition soon made it very popular with LAN Manager network administrators.

KiXtart was initially distributed as freeware through bulletin boards in Europe. Later, Internet sites picked up on KiXtart and started distribution lists, discussion forums and script archives. KiXtart was also shipped as part of several Microsoft Resource Kits. Over time, KiXtart grew, both in popularity as well as in functionality. Windows NT and Windows 95 support was added, as well as lots of new functions and features.

Today, thousands of organizations worldwide use KiXtart. Banks, insurance companies, colleges, universities, hospitals, power plants, governmental organizations, IT companies, car manufacturers, oil companies, aerospace industries, publishers, amusement parks, broadcasting companies, and numerous other types of organizations around the globe make daily use of KiXtart to configure workstations, install software, and perform many other scripting tasks.

KiXtart is a hot topic on various Internet discussion forums, with many enthusiastic participants sharing tips, tricks and scripts.

KiXtart is a CareWare product.

What can KiXtart do?

With KiXtart you can do (almost) all the fancy things you want.
Just to name a few of the most interesting:

  • Read and write to Registry
  • Read and write to .ini-files
  • Manipulate COM objects
  • Interact with WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)

Is KiXtart easy to learn?

Yes! KiXtart is very easy to learn. You will be making powerful scripts in no time...
I recommend reading the manual to get a general overview of KiXtart's capabilities.
Then take a look at some of the sample scripts we have collected.

See the manual and the sample scripts in the Script Archive to get started.