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KiXtart 95 Files

The Kix95 directory contains the following files.

Kix32.doc This document
Kix32.exe KiXtart 95 program file
Kxrpc.exe KiXtart RPC service for Windows 95 clients
Kx95.dll Dynamic link library (DLL) for KiXtart on Windows 9x
Kx16.dll, Kx32.dll Support DLLs to connect to Netapi.dll on Windows 9x
Kixplay.exe 16-bit utility to play SPK files on Windows 9x
Delkey.kix, Demo.kix, Demo2.kix, Enumkeys.kix, Fly.kix, Fun.kix, Kick.kix, KiXtart.kix, Recur.kix, Test.kix Sample script files
Adaams.spk, Bouree.spk, Cabaret.spk, Jbond.spk, Treksong.spk Sample SPK files
Chimes.wav Sample WAV file
Kix32rel.txt Release notes, containing information about the latest changes to KiXtart 95

There is also a subdirectory called Xnet, which contains Xnet.exe and a sample batch file that demonstrates the use of XNET to install the KiXtart RPC service on a remote computer.