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KiXtart 2001 Manual


Action: Allows you to enable (BREAK ON) or disable (BREAK OFF) the ctrl+c/break keys and the Close command. This effectively allows you to control whether the script being run by KiXtart can be interrupted or not.
Syntax: BREAK <ON | OFF>

By default, to prevent users from inadvertently interrupting a script, KiXtart automatically disables the ctrl+c/break keys, disables the Close command in the System menu of the current command-prompt window, and hides the Please wait while your logon script executes message box on Windows 9x.

In a multi-tasking environment such as Windows NT, you cannot fully prevent users from interrupting a program. (They can end programs by using the Task List, for example.) As an additional protection, on computers running Windows NT or Windows 2000 only, when BREAK is OFF (the default) KiXtart also installs a special event handler for the current console. The effect of this handler is that whenever a user forcibly terminates KiXtart, the user is automatically logged off. This means that you must be careful when testing scripts.

Tip> On Windows 9X, the Please wait while your logon script executes message box contains a Cancel button, which you can hide by opening a copy of Msnet32.dll in Visual C 4.00 WorkBench, selecting the LMWINSCRIPTDLG resource, and making the Cancel button invisible.