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KiXtart 2001 Manual


Action: Moves files and renames files and directories.
Syntax: Move "source" "target" [/c] [/h] [/r] [/s]
/c Continue moving files, even if error(s) occur.
/h Moves/renames hidden and system files also.
/r Overwrite read-only files in target.
/s Renames specified files in all subdirectories.

If the source or target specifies a directory, please make sure to add a trailing backslash. If the target exists, the source will be moved below the target. If the target does not exist, the source will be renamed.

Wildcards are supported.

MOVE overwrites existing files without warning.

See Also: CD, Copy, Del, Go, MD, RD
Examples: ; If NewDir does not exist, this command will RENAME
; MyDir to NewDir:
MOVE "S:\MyDir\" "S:\NewDir\"

; If NewDir does exist, this command will MOVE MyDir
; below NewDir:
MOVE "S:\MyDir\" "S:\NewDir\"

; This command will change the extension of all files
; matching the wildcard specification to '.bak'
MOVE "MyDir\file*.txt" "MyDir\file*.bak"