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KiXtart 2001 Manual

BackupEventLog( )

Action: Backs up a Windows NT eventlog.
Syntax: BACKUPEVENTLOG ("eventlog", "backupfile")
Parameters: Eventlog

String indicating the eventlog to backup. By default, Windows NT supports three eventlogs: "Application", "Security" and "System". Optionally, the string can include the name of a remote system to backup the log from.


String indicating the name of the backupfile. Note: the file must not exist.

0 Eventlog backed up.
>0 Errorcode.
See Also: ClearEventLog( ), LogEvent( )

$rc=BackupEventLog("Application" , "C:\eventbackups\application.evt")

$rc=BackupEventLog("\\PDC\Application" , "C:\eventbackups\application.evt")

$rc=BackupEventLog("System" , "C:\eventbackups\system.evt")