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KiXtart 2001 Manual

VarTypeName( )

Action: Returns a string that provides type information about a variable.
Syntax: VARTYPENAME ($variable)
Parameters: $Variable

Any type of variable.

Byte Byte value
Integer Integer value
Long Long integer value
Single Single-precision floating-point value
Double Double-precision floating-point value
Currency Currency value
Decimal Decimal value
Date Date or time value
String Character string value
Boolean Boolean value; True or False
Empty Uninitialized
Null No valid data
Object Generic object
Unknown Unknown object type
Nothing Object variable that doesn't yet refer to an object instance
Error Error
[  ] Array (can only occur in combination with one of the other values)
See Also: VarType( )

? VarTypeName("KiXtart") ; Displays "String"
? VarTypeName(4) ; Displays "Integer"
? VarTypeName(37.50) ; Displays "Double"
? VarTypeName(ArrayVar) ; Displays "Variant[]"