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KiXtart 2001 Manual

Box( )

Action: Draws a box.
Syntax: BOX (top_left_row, top_left_column, bottom_right_row, bottom_right_column, "line style")
Parameters: Top_left_row, top_left_column, bottom_right_row, bottom_right_column

The four corners of the box to be drawn, expressed in screen coordinates. A value of 0,0 represents the top left corner of the screen.

Line style

Possible values for line style are:

single Single line outline, space as filler
double Double line, space as filler
full Full line, space as filler
grid Single line, cross as filler

You can also create a custom box by using a string value for line style. The string can contain as many as 9 characters, which are defined as follows.

This character in the string
Represents this portion of the box
1st Top-left corner
2nd Top horizontal
3rd Top -right corner
4th Right vertical
5th Bottom -right corner
6th Bottom horizontal
7th Bottom -left corner
8th Left vertical
9th Filler
Remarks: The BOX command is ignored if all output is redirected to a file using the REDIRECTOUTPUT function.
Returns: Nothing.
See Also: At( ), Color, RedirectOutput( )

$rc=BOX(10, 10, 12, 15, "+-+|+-+| ")
produces the following box:

|   |