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KiXtart 2001 Manual

ReadProfileString( )

Action: Retrieves a string from an initialization file.
Syntax: READPROFILESTRING ("file name", "section", "key")
Parameters: File name

A string that names the initialization file. If this parameter does not include a full path, Windows searches for the file in the Windows directory.


A string that specifies the section containing the key name. If this parameter is empty, READPROFILESTRING returns all section names in the file.


A string containing the key name whose associated string is to be retrieved. If this parameter is empty, all key names in the section specified by section are returned.

Remarks: This function is provided for compatibility with 16-bit Windows based applications. Win32 based applications store initialization information in the registry.
Returns: Function returns a string representing the value of the specified key.
See Also: WriteProfileString( )

$dev = ReadProfileString("win.ini", "Windows", "Device")
If @ERROR = 0
  ? "Windows device = " + $dev