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KiXtart 2001 Manual

RedirectOutput( )

Action: Allows you to redirect all screen output to a file.
Syntax: REDIRECTOUTPUT ("file name", overwrite)
Parameters: File name

A string that names the file to which to redirect the output. If this parameter is an empty string (""), output is redirected to the screen.

Overwrite (optional)

Optional numeric value indicating whether to clear the output file before writing any data to it. This parameter can have the following values:

0 New output data appended to the existing contents of file.
1 All data in file overwritten when the output is redirected to the file.
Remarks: If all output is redirected to a file, the AT, BIG, BOX, and CLS commands are ignored.
0 Output redirected
Error code Function failed

REG_MULTI_SZ (multi-string) variables are returned with the pipe symbol ( | ) used as the separator between strings. If a string contains a pipe symbol character, it is represented by two pipe symbol characters ( || ).

REG_DWORD variables are returned in decimal format.

IF RedirectOutput("logon.log") = 0
  ? "Opened 'logon.log' at " + @TIME ?