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KiXtart 2001 Manual

KiXtart 2001 and the Console

KiXtart 2001 is provided in two ‘flavors’: the standard console-based version and a Windows version. The Windows version will only display a console if and when any output is sent to the screen. If desired, this behavior can be overridden using the /I (Invisible) command line option. 

By default, the Windows version of KiXtart 2001 runs as an asynchronous process. This means that if you start WKIX32.EXE from a batch file, the batch file will continue processing and will not wait for KiXtart to exit. This behavior can cause problems if KiXtart is being used as part of the logon process, especially on Windows 9x clients. To prevent these problems, WKIX32.EXE should be started from a batch file using the START command, eg:

The console version (KIX32.EXE) behaves exactly like KiXtart 95, and will automatically cause a console window to be created upon startup.