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KiXtart 2001 Manual

SetOption( )

Action: SetOption can be used to configure certain options of the KiXtart script engine.
Syntax: SETOPTION ("option","value")

The options and possible values are described in the following table:

Option Value Description
Default console output is in Unicode. Setting the ASCII option to ON changes the output to ASCII, so you can output extended characters, such as line characters.
CaseSensitivity ON
By default, all string comparisons are case-insensitive. Setting the CaseSensitivity option to ON instructs KiXtart to make all subsequent string comparisons case-sensitive.
DisableDebugging ON Disables debugging (effectively disables the DEBUG ON command). Once disabled, debugging can not be re-enabled.
HideCursor ON
Hides or shows the console cursor.
Returns: SetOption returns the previous state of the option.

$previousstate = SetOption( "ASCII", "ON" )

? "═══════════" ; output ASCII line characters

$rc=SetOption( "ASCII", $previousstate )