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GETVERS is a command-line utility that retrieves the versioning information from a file.
The information can be piped to a text file.

GETVERS <filename>

Sample Output:
xcopy.exe Version: 5,0,2147,1


IGrep is a command-line utility that can search text files for specific text strings.
This is useful for sending strings to another text file and retrieving the values.

"IGREP ["search spec"] [filename(s)] -icq!s"
A List of Multiple Search Specs can also be Used :
Usage is "IGREP @[listname] [filename(s)] -icq!s"
Switches are : i (ignore case)
: c (ignore c comments)
: q (no banner)
: ! (ignore clarion comments)
: s (match only lines with clarion strings)


MLOC is a command line utility for counting the number of lines in a file.

"MLOC [FileName*.*]"


NewFiles is a command line utility for finding files in the file system that have been modified after a certain date.


Zap works with Windows NT and can delete files that are either in use or otherwise cannot be deleted.

Syntax: Zap.exe <filename>

Source: Included with the Microsoft SMS 2.0 Resource Guide and the Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit 4.5.