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  KiXtart Command-line Utilities - System

CapsOn, CapsOff

The CAPS utilities provide the functionality of turning the CAPS lock for the computer on and off.
This is great to make sure the CAPS is in the appropriate mode during user input of case-sensitive information.

Exporter v2.0

Standalone command-line utility for exporting users, groups, group members, disk space, shares, services, computers, and printers (in any combination) from any or all computers on any NT domain. Includes online .HLP documentation file.


Use this utility to save your company time and money. By adding one line to a users login script or running this program from a floppy, you can log tons of information about their machine. Log Info can log Hardware information, Operating System, Processor, MHz, RAM, HD size and much more! Log Info will write this information to a comma-delimited file that is perfect for importing into Excel, Access or any SQL database. With the Configuration module, it will allow you to select what information is logged and where it is logged to. Log Info works in Novell and NT server login scripts with one simple line addition. If you ever needed to inventory your department or companies machines, this utility is a must have time saver!

RJL Software:

This utility (15kb) logs off the current session. Includes source code and comments.


NETDIAG.exe is new to Windows 2000, but is not installed as part of the OS. You can install NETDIAG.exe along with the rest of the Windows 2000 Support Tools by running Setup.exe from the Support\Tools directory on the CD. NETDIAG.exe is a great utility for creating a text file full of diagnostic information.

Source: Windows 2000 CD


Shutdown.exe is a command line utility that sets environmental variables.
It allows you to set variables by pulling information from the command line, the registry, and from files.
SHUTDOWN [/?] [\\Computer] [/L] [/A] [/R] [/T:xx] ["Msg"] [/Y] [/C]

/? Shows the help screen.
\\ Computer Specifies a remote computer to shutdown.
/L Specifies a local shutdown.
/A Abortes a systemshutdown. This is only possible during the timeout period.
If this switch is used, all other are ignored.
/R Specifies that the machine should reboot after shutdown.
/T:xx Sets the timer for system shutdown in seconds.[20 sec. default]
"Msg" Specifies an additional message
/Y Answer all following questinons with yes
/C Forces running applications to close.

Source: Windows NT Resource Kit


WinMSDp is a command line utility that reports computer information on local or remote computers.
It inserts the output into a file named MSDRPT.TXT.

Source: Windows NT Resource Kit.