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KiXtart Script Depot

  Welcome to the KiXtart Script Archive

All scripts are free and can be modified as needed. You can download them all here.
If you have KiXtart-scripts you wish to share with others, please submit.

General Scripts
Ini-file Modification
Registry Modification
OS Chooser
Getting the Error Code
Text Search
Setting Window State
Date Converting (Danish)
Send NET messages

Network Configuration
The IP Address Problem
Disable Password Caching for Win95
Laptops and Dialups
System Inventory ini-files
System Uptime 2HTML

Logon Scripts
Advanced Logon Script

Microsoft SMS
Running SMSLS.bat from a kix-script
Removing SMS from Windows NT
Removing SMSfrom Windows 9x

Microsoft Exchange
Exchange Roaming User
Exchange Roaming User - Outlook

BackupExec Log Analyzer
Logging network logons