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KiXtart HelpDesk Forum

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register?
No. This is an open discussion Forum where you don't have to register to read or post.

Do I have to submit my Email address?
No. This is an anonymous Forum. However, the IP address is logged, in case of spam.
It is good practice to submit your Email address though.

Are cookies used?
No. This is still an anonymous Forum.

Can I use HTML Code in posts?
No. This is because the Forum is designed to show KiXtart Scripts that may have HTML parts in them.

Can I edit my own posts?
No. Only the WebMaster can edit and delete posts.

How do I Search for Posts?
You can search for posts based on username or word(s) in the post.
Important! You can only use ONE word in the search field - sorry.

Happy posting!