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Subject: for the first half
Name: sally
Date: 28/03/2016 04:20

But everyone seems to be more concerned about the growth rate of 6.8% in the fourth quarter of 2008, the growth rate is much lower than not only final revision of the growth rate of 13% in 2007, especially in the recent 20 years are very low, the speed of 1990 Gucci Belt growth. In the fourth quarter growth lies not only in statistics in the past, and, more importantly, people can measure on the basis of the first quarter of 2009 and Gucci Belt will cover 8, and the rate of 6.8% will give the first target was overshadowed. According to the macro economic cycle and the history of Fake Gucci Belt economic rise and fall of seasonal pattern, and the hysteresis effect of macro policy, combined with the status of the world's major economies, we believe that in Fake Gucci Belt macroeconomic adjustment cycle, the fourth quarter of 2008 is definitely not the worst, in the first quarter of 2009 the macroscopic data is tested, if continue to worsen in the first quarter of 2009 macro data, [url=][/url] should be par for the course, we should prepare awake, this is not a sign of confidence, but a practical and realistic, so that more rational, more accurate to make the right response. From 2008 data to predict performance in 2009, we believe that establishing the correct frame of reference is very important. In terms of Gucci Belt growth, [url=]fake gucci belt[/url] for several years more than 10% of the growth is not economic regular performance, more can't as macro economy is a sign of health. In terms of Fake Gucci Belt economic cycle, after 30 years of rapid growth, even without the existence of the external factors such as the global financial crisis, the Cheap Gucci Belts model of basic has reached its limits, the marginal effect on exports and investment to boost economic growth path for the environment, resources, have caused a lot of pressure, excess capacity is extremely serious, must carry out repair, adjust the structure of the imbalance. For that matter, in 2009, our goal is confirmed 8, Shop Gucci Belt but more important than to [url=][/url] protect 8, is undoubtedly the structure adjustment, is to realize the transformation of Fake Gucci Belt growth model, this relationship to another 30 years in the future Gucci Belt Replica economy can continue to maintain the growth of high quality, can continue to offer to the world economy have contribution to the development of huge quantity can. Thus, in the establishment of 09 macroeconomic indicators, on the one hand, for the first half of the difficulty of enough estimates, not due to bad data easily change the target structure adjustment, on the other hand, must not superstitious 8% growth, should realize that 8% is just an empirical data, if the final does not guarantee 8% growth, sky will not fall down, if to buy 8 and 8, is likely to delay in the transformation of the big picture.