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Subject: is likely to be
Name: admin
Date: 22/04/2017 08:59

As I think the overall performance is good, but according to the author's observation, there are also some economists and market participants since the start of the second quarter began to worry that Versace Belt economy is likely to be a hard landing, worried about Versace Belt economic stagnation. Regardless of what these concerns for a milk to eat the crying, is really out of fear of Versace Belt future economic growth, all data and facts speak louder than eloquence. Growth of 9.6%, in my opinion, can play more than an A + grade. In the case of economic growth above 9%, said a hard landing, talk about stagflation does not only violate the basic principles and concepts of economics, more inconsistent with the actual situation of Versace Belt economy. In order to more telling, we for the first half of the manifestation of economic growth as well as the troika for more detailed analysis. Growth of 9.7% in the first quarter, while in the second quarter growth of 9.5%. These two Numbers, if compared with that of last year, although fell, but considering the macro-control efforts to increase this year and the sharp tightening of credit policy