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Subject: Some did not take
Name: asicsning
Date: 22/04/2017 09:12

Among them, the residential investment 1.8641 trillion yuan, increased by 36.1%, the national commercial housing sales area of 444.19 million square meters, up 12.9% from a year earlier. Some did not take the measures for purchasing the second - and third-tier cities, housing prices rally remains fierce, the pressure in the real estate regulation remains. Needs to show that, in the second half of the price movements and economic growth, and I most experts point of view it is not the same. Data in the first half of the year before, for Versace Belt economic growth and price movements, some experts and scholars believe that because the carryover effect, in the second half of the price will gradually subside, really need to worry about is excessive austerity has affected the economic growth, so they suggest that austerity should relax, avoid a hard landing. As I said before, the manifestation of Versace Belt economy has shown that under the current regulation policy, without the risk of a hard landing for the economy. What is a hard landing, Ferragamo Belt on the issue of governance inflation had experience of a hard landing of the two: one is the end of the 1980 s, when inflation is close to 20%, policy makers with two years of time, will push inflation below 3%, but 10% economic growth also fell to about 4%;