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Subject: no scary a hard
Name: sally
Date: 22/04/2017 09:14

Another time is in the mid - 1990 - s, inflation as high as 24%, with two years of management time press to below 0%, while economic growth also fell more than three percentage points. And from the performance of the economy as a whole, the possibility of a sharp economic slide is equal to zero, no scary a hard landing? The author on the growth of the economy in the second half of the year, annual economic growth this year will be no lower than 9.3%, this is one of my basic judgment, but inflation and housing prices is still worrying. In economic growth, inflation pressure and the risk of real estate bubble is still high, under the condition of macroeconomic regulation and control policy, how to choose, it is very critical. The author thinks that, and some experts believe that, in the second half of the price will gradually fall point of view on the contrary, the author thinks that, in the second half of price movements is very complicated, not speaking out of turn. In my opinion, the inflation trend has been established, the influencing factors of the second half of the price movements become extremely complex, pushing prices and curb prices of factors of uncertainty and even is larger than last year. In June the CPI hit a high after inflation expectations more strongly, prices it is difficult to quickly fell back, in addition, other factors pushing up prices, including food prices, imported inflation, international commodity prices, as well as the domestic labor costs and so on, upward trend has not changed; In particular, because in the first half through administrative means, such as questioning