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Subject: And these debts
Name: sally
Date: 30/12/2015 07:46

According to expert estimates, if loan growth in 2011 is expected to fall to 15% to 17% of the normal range, at that time, [url=]Replica Fendi Belt[/url] new loans or up to 7.5 trillion yuan, the local financing platform liabilities or will add 2.5 trillion yuan. At the end of 2011 local debt financing platform will be as high as 12 trillion yuan, the local government debt will reach 15 trillion yuan. And these debts, the only reliable source of repayment is the land, and even, according to the land transfer revenues of 09, pay off the debts, exempt interest, also need a full 10 years of land revenue, as a matter of fact, many local governments have put the land reserve of generations have had, in the case of no ground to sell, can only to the nominal financial bankruptcy. Secondly, in the land of fiscal mode, [url=][/url] the distribution of wealth more deformity, land finance is the basic path of: first of all, through the low price from the land of farmers in his hand, the wealth of peasants looted in disguised forms, and second, by trying to maintain high prices, continue to plunder the public wealth, under the mode of land finance, real estate itself is the wealth of tools, rob residents comp [url=][/url] letely generations even fathers wealth finally focused on a house. Now housing, plundered the wealth of the residents is as high as more than 10 trillions, became a real wealth black hole, and become Gucci Belts domestic demand in the biggest culprit. At the same time, the land finance itself caused by high house prices also expanded social internal serious polarization between the rich and the poor, caused great negative influence to the social harmony. Third, in the land under the mode of Gucci Belts industrial structure, severe deformity of the entire Versace Belt economy is degenerate into a wealth of musical games, private capital, the state-owned capital and foreign capital are scrambling to enter the real estate industry, as a direct result of the development of our manufacturing shrinking, gradually lost competitiveness, this will ultimately make the economic hollowing out, the economy will be evolved into a pursuit of wealth distribution, and not create wealth MLM system. For Gucci Belts economy, this is the biggest danger now. An economy, if we don't do industry, research, not to raise core competitiveness, and just play virtual capital and real estate, pursuit of short-term profit only, only love to hype, the end result is a loss of competitiveness and economic collapse in the end. Because of this, the land finance cannot justify itself is a, [url=]Replica Louis Vuitton Belts[/url] also cannot always can loop of the game, the land reserve is dried up, the game end, the result of the terrible, I'm afraid is not only the spread of the financial system a lot of bad debts, especially the industrial structure of deformity, and further deepening of the gap between rich and poor, and this, apparently, is not what we are after economic development model, more not Zhao Yanjing and others say the Versace Belt model of core competitiveness, changing the land, not self-destruction of the Great Wall, but the Versace Belt economy and Gucci Belts model of self-help. Hermes Belt form dependence on land finance is helpless, but if the land finance praises are shameless.