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Subject: the date of birth
Name: sally
Date: 30/12/2015 07:51

From the history of the change of the world economy, both in the UK, or the United States, although has experienced the economy high speed development period of extensive pattern, but eventually become a strong economy, depends on the progress of technology and innovation, [url=]Replica Ferragamo Belt[/url] the formation of competitive industrial clusters, rather than land finance and high property prices. 25, the national bureau of statistics released before the National Day residential sales price survey plan and for public opinion, public comment on 25-30. Throughout the program, admittedly, compared with the previous statistical method, has a great progress. Statistics on the housing sample selection, for example, with particular emphasis on should take into account different geographical location of residence, comprehensive consideration of residential type, area, location, structure, the consistency of statistical caliber; For basic data, no longer use the developers directly fill in prices in data, but require 35 large and medium cities sign directly with local estate management department residential network data, and the price index formula gives a detailed explanation. Plan also said the national bureau of statistics in the future will be based on the housing intermediary companies reported, real estate management department to provide, investigators three channels, such as the field CaiJia based data collection of residential transactions, [url=]Replica Gucci Belts[/url] and preparation of second-hand housing sales price accordingly. Needless to say, this is a forced out of the reform, is also an official statistics agency efforts to save the house price data credibility and official statistics out of house prices in 2009 only 1.5% of the true lies, let people for housing starts comprehensive statistical method and the system question. To this, the bureau of statistics director ma jiantang publicly acknowledged now statistical method has a lot of defects. Said unceremoniously, now prices statistics on the one hand, is a very lazy, but for the people, I'm afraid not many people know, prices of basic data was reported, developers directly take into account the real estate policy closely related to the statistical data of the direction of prices, bureau of [url=][/url] statistics, this kind of practice is to let the weasel loss statistics the number of chic [url=][/url] kens. Because of this, 70 large and medium cities housing prices data, starting from the date of birth is never reflect real situation of the price of the house. On March 21, 2006, for example, the national development and reform commission, the national bureau of statistics released the 70 large and medium-sized cities housing sales price index, points out 1 ~ 2 months, Beijing new homogenous commodity housing estate selling price than the same period last year rose 8.4% and 8.4% respectively. And on March 22, Beijing municipal construction committee and Beijing municipal bureau of statistics departments jointly to the community in 2006 real estate market operation, 1 ~ 2 month is pointed out that the Beijing commodity house opens to booking a transaction price for an average of 6776 yuan & # 8725;