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Subject: statistics
Name: sally
Date: 30/12/2015 07:53

Square metre, 997 yuan rose & # 8725; Square meters, 1 ~ 2 months, the city's commodity house opens to booking a transaction price rose 17.3%. 7.3% and 17.3%, sent a full 10%, the credibility of the data. In fact, Gucci Belts house prices, statistics system of defect is not local and individual, but a full range of. Housing reform in 1998, has been a lack of authority of house prices in Gucci Belts real estate market statistical indicators, in addition to the national bureau of statistics statistical indicators 70 large and medium-sized cities, the intermediary institutions, scientific research units have established their own statistics system, however, due to the interests of the disputes, Gucci Belts house prices, [url=][/url] statistics, whether it be a new dish price, or second-hand housing, basic information, such as monopoly in the, in the hands of developers and local governments, academic and research institutions in the data source is limited, and some of the institutions themselves make up the index of authority is not strong, not only in this case, if the data of official statistics agency also depends on the developers, means the whole of the credibility of statistics will be discounted. In the government monopoly over land supply, developers monopoly under the condition of the prices of real information, the entire real estate market is a information of the iron curtain, the public and policy in all sorts of authenticity is only dance under the baton of information, not only makes policy. Since 2003, Gucci Belts real estate regulation policy all the time we lost, to air conditioning, house prices have become difficult to tame wild horses, and the distortion of statistical data, as by regulating the side of the developer in fact became the biggest thorn in the real estate market information monopoly, to hedge the effectiveness of policy, regulation policy in f be the higher of the prisoner's dilemma. In this respect, Hermes Belt real estate statistics reform is not a problem, but a reconstruction problem, in fact, [url=][/url] before the statistics, either way, or basic index, not only the lack of authenticity, and the policy and the people do not have any reference value, reputation basic bankruptcy, only in individual indicators, and individual improvement methods, I'm afraid I can't solve the real problem. With the national bureau of statistics residential sales price survey plan draft, although there are a lot of complicated calculation formula, but truly valuable not is how new housing classification statistics, [url=][/url] basic data, how to obtain the secondary statistics how to avoid falling into trap contract of Yin and Yang, and so on, but happened to be in these areas, currently proposed ways to improve but still can not solve the current main problems. Second-hand housing, [url=]Fake Gucci Belt[/url] for example, the biggest problem in second-hand housing statistics authenticity is the contract of Yin and Yang, although draft proposed to focus on secondary to survey and typical survey the method of combining the housing intermediary companies reported, real estate management department to provide with the investigator field CaiJia combination of basic data collection