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Subject: reduced the power of the state
Name: jackets
Date: 22/02/2016 07:41

On the specific behavior patterns, "the state of our" limiting the power of the state-owned assets supervision and administration to choose managers, asset disposal and major matters of the decision on pure shareholder rights, and completely docking the company law and other relevant laws, and thus the legislation of state-owned assets, strategic layout and structural adjustment policies of state-owned assets, state-owned assets management and so on the basis of the category of public policy, public power and public management completely, from the perspective of the legal system and completed a beautiful turn and function transformation. After all, Japan legislation relating to conflicts of interest is too big, involves the related interests department is very confused, the interests of the game is more tragic and during the compromise legislation real hard to avoid. Because of this, the decision of the current introduced "the state of our" is just a transition and compromise of the law. From the localization of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state of our view, still exist in practice, [url=][/url] fuzzy and grey areas before the state-owned assets supervision and administration by the department to assume the social function inheritance, state-owned assets supervision and administration by what kind of platform to perform the duties of investors, these are not final clarification on the legislation. But considering the sasac interests in the legislative process, considering the trade-off its power and function transformation is a process, at the same time in order to leave room for future further reform. Though on the legislation, [url=][/url] the legislature is careful, but the legislation governing the spectrum of knowledge and interest game decided the hardships of the effort in Replica Designer Belts is not easy, in this sense, the successful stripping social and public management function, let the sasac thin body into pure funders, legislation is a victory. Through reduced the power of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, when you give it a clean system premise, guarantee the direction for the reform of state-owned enterprise and the reform of state-owned enterprises consensus will not be disruptive. Function through a period of transition and transition, the sasac will be detached point of view, through the establishment of state-owned assets investment companies, such as platform, perform the function of investors, utilizing the means such as merger, acquisition and reorga [url=]replica hermes belt[/url] nization, the state-owned capital exit from the most competitive areas, to promote its to the relationship between the national economy and national security the important industries and key areas of focus, really exert real influence and cont [url=][/url] rol the state economy. From the reform as a whole, the path is correct, can avoid the soe reform once again return to the worst of the Nash equilibrium.