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Subject: since the state council put forward
Name: jackets
Date: 22/02/2016 07:42

(southern metropolis daily economic men far light column) of the ten series of comments six central television reported, since the state council put forward 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package, the unprecedented enthusiasm of local government in within a week, [url=][/url] local governments have announced large investment plans, according to statistics, at present has the total amount of investment of more than 10 trillion yuan of provinces and cities, and far more than the state council's vision of a stimulating local and social investment scale reached the target of 4 trillion yuan. Indeed gratifying situation, with huge fiscal surplus and foreign exchange reserves of Replica Designer Belts, as long as the public policy to deal with properly, we can not only be weathering the crisis, even, can seize the global economic downturn period, [url=][/url] determined to solve the problem of economic development in the accumulated deep, complete the transformation of economic pattern and the industrial upgrading, for Replica Designer Belts's economic future lay a solid foundation of the people's livelihood, industrial foundation and system basis, around the response to the call of the central, soon put forward huge investment blueprint, comforting. But the contemporary Replica Hermes Belt economic history tells us that the government every hedge expansionary policies of economic cycle, if cannot estimate the negative effects of science, remain the sequela of economic damage, caused by the active fiscal policy in 1998 Replica Designer Belts economic imbalance between the various symptoms, probably need to digest several generations. Therefore, in the face of the central policy led by local government in [url=][/url] vestment boom, direction is positive, but not to learn history, attaches great importance to all sorts of problems may cause, nip in the bud, completely out of hand to solve the problem, on the other hand, in make bigger problem for the development of myth. As we know, a typical feature of the Replica Hermes Belt economy is its disequilibrium, imbalance in economy and environment, the imbalance between rural and urban areas, east and west development imbalance, the imbalance of income distribution, etc., which is the core of the scientific concept of development to plan as a whole solution. The ten countries in maintaining rapid economic growth at the same time, fundamental purpose is to solve Replica Designer Belts's economy obviously unbalanced state, to achieve the harmony between economic elements. Based on this logic, combined with the current information data and the local financial resources, we believe that for the local investment boom, first of all be aware of is the disparity between the east and Midwest have unbalanced state, and [url=][/url] regional gap widens, for the healthy development of Replica Designer Belts's economy lasting inhibitory effect, we suffer. In this way, no matter is the focus of the local investment infrastructure