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Subject: this is a very simple addition and subtraction
Name: jackets
Date: 22/02/2016 07:43

or the people's livelihood, [url=][/url] in the case of the central investment limited, how to avoid the local investment further widening regional economic imbalance, not only test the local government's ruling ability, more test of the central government in the public policy considerations and wisdom. The recent figures from the provinces, in addition to yunnan reported five years a total investment of about 3 trillion yuan astonishing, other provinces and autonomous regions reported Numbers, for example, in 2.3 trillion, guangdong province, 800 billion in Shanghai, Beijing, 1 trillion, 588.9 billion in hebei, jilin, 400 billion, 207 billion in hainan, etc., basic and its economic strength. The five northwestern provinces and Tibet is not yet see specific data, but certainly and economic big cities and provinces such as guangdong, Shanghai dare not comparable. So, if the investment in place, we can imagine, five years later, the eastern economic big province and the gap between the Midwest and imbalance has not narrowed, instead will surely further widening, this is a very simple addition and subtraction, if consider investment multiplier effect, maybe the gap bigger. If the debt from the history of the people's livelihood, the status of the economically backward regions far than eastern developed regions, such as infrastructure and housing social security system, but also have obvious difference. The Midwest need to use the central investment opportunity to close the gap, rather than increase, this should be the ten countries. To change this regional imbalance, in the western financial shortage, the government and the folk financing under the condition of limited space, obviously difficult to rely on their own to solve. The ten countries is the basic guidelines of the national game, promote growth, promoting the transformation. This not only at the policy level, is particularly impor [url=][/url] tant in terms of capital configuration. From the source of funds, the ten countries identified 4 trillion investment, there are three basic sources: one is the central finance investment, probably not more than a third, the central can be solved by issuing Treasury bonds to; Second, the local government investment, how the money is critical to clearly; Third, bank loans and private investment. In terms of local governments need to follow up the money, although the announced around the huge investment plan, but how to have the money, or how the money to, is the key to the problem. And from the perspective of the financing ability of local governme [url=][/url] nt, under the condition of the local government is not allowed to issue bonds, in addition to the land of the off-budget income, bank loans are the most likely still, if local governments are scrambling to comparing, financing through bank loans, the possibility of the Midwest trigger bank bad debts obviously is very large. There is no denying that the significance of the eastern investment to short-term GDP growth is far more important than the Midwest, [url=][/url] but from the viewpoint of long-term development of Replica Hermes Belt economy, this state of regional imbalance affect Replica Designer Belts's economic future, should do earlier plans to this. The most effective way, of course, is the central difference in terms of money, have to keep pressure, tilt to the Midwest on funds and projects, increase its hematopoietic function.