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Subject: and is the most crucial
Name: sdfwe
Date: 14/03/2016 02:34

Provisions of the regulations of lending money must be its own funds, it is forbidden to take deposits, to distinguish it from illegal fund-raising and underground; From the point of interest rates, lending rates should not more than four times the benchmark interest rate, [url=]replica gucci belts[/url] and different from those usury.

Could say that, in some degree on illegal fund-raising and underground most folk credit legal level of recognition, it is undoubtedly a great progress. The regulations will be private lending primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers. Positioning and design seems to be and what is known as the banker to the poor yunus founded by focusing on the most poor bangladeshis provides small loans to the grameen bank. This kind of system design, on the one hand, [url=]fake gucci belt[/url] can avoid the impact on the traditional official bank customers; On the other hand, and can satisfy those in the official bank cannot get credit poor people get enough money. From this perspective, break monopoly banking industry, the meaning of the regulations is only symbolic, official bank is not willing to do to low credit rating of the poor and small and medium-sized enterprise credit business in the folk credit, seems can be interpreted as a folk credit to obtain legal status and must pay the price rather than a privilege.

Writing at this point, we can see, if approved, the regulations also is only under the specific historical background of financial crisis, to save in the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) and forced to incorporate the folk credit legal system a try. [url=]cheap gucci belts[/url] For small and medium-sized enterprise credit markets, there was never any a bank willing to monopoly, must not give this kind of move to give high evaluation and interpretation. But should also see, legalization of private credit, although the regulations between the lines seem to be cautious, but at least is an important step, and is the most crucial step to break the ice, the stability to a certain extent the vast gray area of private credit institutions. We hope this is not a country in a difficult time using a temporary measures of private credit, but the folk credit officially legalized to a good start. Anger, think, lending is a basic human right.