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Subject: not to mention those
Name: asicsning
Date: 14/03/2016 02:36

According to the financial philosophy, the legalization of private credit to restore its legal personality. But considering the folk credit decades mainstream in order for a long time, folk credit agency itself is very complex, [url=]cheap gucci belts[/url] needs a QuanPanXing design and the interests of the game and compromise, the legalization of need to form a long period, and knowledge of the rule of law in Replica Designer Belts's financial spectrum and its defect is decided the hardships of the effort in Replica Designer Belts is not easy.

Therefore, we can't start on folk credit broke the monopoly of the credit business situation to expect too much, can't for folk credit for the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve have unrealistic expectations. If the small and medium-sized enterprise credit to a panacea for solving on above the legalization of the private credit, is not only caused great damage to the small and medium-sized enterprises, bears on the overall situation of economic transition, the relationship between the well-being of millions of people. Unfortunately, this important mission initiatives, not accompanied by an institutional framework to ensure the safety of the funds and operating rules of public money for the people worry about natural and normal. Indeed, in the context of Replica Designer Belts, the government has its usual habits: achievements and pressure, the pursuit of a short, flat, fast and leave the people's livelihood engineering to crack difficult to get effective, deliberate mistakes in public investment, [url=]replica gucci belts[/url] shed for the achievement of the people's livelihood, this classic case was there.

Take 98, for example, a proactive fiscal policy to help Replica Designer Belts to change the situation of the serious lack of the highway, but also lead to local transportation system collective landslide, 28 provinces and cities of traffic of the lok ma, not to mention those shoddy construction and appropriate funds record for project engineering. Therefore, if there is no a system and can effectively ensure the safety of fund supervision of project operation process, the people's livelihood project face almost can be said to be a certain event. 98 largest investment of highway, the traffic department of collective leadership fell, [url=]fake gucci belt[/url] the railway investment, the leadership of the local railway departments will also come to a collective dead?