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Subject: and puts forward
Name: sally
Date: 28/03/2016 04:17

Through industrial revitalization policy, therefore, cultivate competitive industry sectors is the key and core of economic recovery. As such, the state department's top ten industrial revitalization planning caught the key of Fake Gucci Belt economic sustainable development. The top ten industries, involving nonferrous metals, textiles, equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, steel, automobile industry, etc., all belong to play a significant role in the national economy industry, and are faced with the development of industrial upgrading and technological innovation bottleneck, [url=]cheap gucci belts[/url] by industrial revitalization policy, these industries are financial, fiscal, tax and other support, say goodbye to rely on investment and export industry foundation, it is really about the future direction of Fake Gucci Belt economy. From the first of the iron and steel industry and the automotive industry revitalization plan, belong to move to seek both temporary and permanent, considering both the short-term boost [url=][/url] the consumption and the contribution of economic growth, and considering the long term development. Such as, for car industry, and puts forward the stability and expand consumption demand, structural adjustment as the main line, promote joint enterprise restructuring, new energy vehicles as breach, strengthen independent innovation, form a new competitive advantage. Specific put forward to foster auto consumption market, promote the restructuring of the auto industry, [url=]gucci belt cheap[/url] support the implementation of enterprise independent innovation and technological transformation, new energy automotive strategy, support the development of the auto production enterprises independent brand, five specific measures such as perfecting the automobile consumer credit. Especially considering the Fake Gucci Belt auto industry for 30 years, the lack of independent brands, structural imbalance, low industrial concentration has been Fake Gucci Belt auto industry's biggest weakness, become Fake Gucci Belt auto industry, big but not strong, lack of core competitiveness of the key factors. The domestic independent brand market share accounted for only 25.92% of all car market share. Therefore, planning in the aspect of independent innovation arranged 10 billion yuan of special funds, this is unprecedented.